Softwood Timber

Softwood, widely regarded as a premier option for construction and packaging needs, presents itself in two principal variants: Air Dried (AD) and Kiln Dry (KD). Demonstrating inherent robustness and remarkable versatility, softwood emerges as an unparalleled choice for an extensive array of applications, ensuring steadfast durability and captivating aesthetic appeal in equal measure. Its ubiquitous presence across various industries underscores its indispensability and enduring excellence, solidifying its status as a cornerstone material that seamlessly blends functionality with visual allure on every front.

KD Brazilian Taeda Pine

Thickness: 22-90 mm

Width: 50-120 mm

Length: 3960 mm

FOB Price: $210/m3

KD Latvian Pine

Thickness: 15-50 mm

Width: 50-200 mm

Length: 1200-6000 mm

FOB Price: €220/m3

KD Lithuanian Pine

Thickness: 15-22 mm

Width: 60-120 mm

Length: 1000-1200 mm

FOB Price: €223/m3

Romania AD Spruce

AD Romanian Spruce Timber

Thickness: 20-150 mm

Width: 50-100 mm

Length: 4000-5000 mm

FOB Price: $240/m3 

AD Latvian Mixed Spruce/Pine

Thickness: 14-22 mm

Width: 70-10 mm

Length: 1100-1200 mm

FOB Price: €210/m3